• Men Breast


There are many surgical procedures designed for men. Body changes can affect a man’s psychology as well. Man boobs/Gynecomastia is the common problem faced by many men.


Man Boobs or gynecomastia is the most common complaint of men. Men’ chest looking like breasts can make a man feel very conscious preventing him from enjoying activities like swimming. The surgery is done on a day care basis and takes only an hour or slightly more. You will be discharged the same evening. Generally, gynecomastia isn’t a serious problem, but it can be tough to cope with the condition.
The patient must wear a corset for 6 weeks for 24 hrs except while having a bath. Generally, you can go to work in 48hrs.


• Swollen breast gland tissue
• Breast tenderness
• The breast or nipple may be painful
• breast bud in one or both breasts
• Some fluid discharge


Most of the men get this during puberty. It’s caused by natural changes in estrogen. It is sometimes found in Newborn babies for a short-term. It’s because some of their mothers’ estrogen that stays in their blood for a while after birth. Middle age men may also have this due to aging or intake of certain medicine also may be the reason like Heart medicines, Chemotherapy, AIDS treatments, Drugs that treat heartburn etc. Drinking of too much alcohol or intake or drugs like heroin, steroids, Marijuana, Methadone etc. can also cause gynecomastia.


Teenagers need not worry about this as the enlarged breasts will go back to normal shape within 2 to 3 years. If it causes certain health issues it can be treated with some medicines. The intake of medicines should be done only by consulting the doctor.
If the condition is still the same and one is not happy with the look of the breasts, surgery can be the best option for them. Surgery helps in restoring the shape of the chest and improve the self-image. The plastic surgeon makes a small cut near the breasts to remove the extra breasts tissues. This helps the breasts to look smaller and flatter. The surgeon then reposition the nipple on the breasts.
Surgery is meant to give long lasting results, provided the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle to keep the new shape. Gaining weight, intake of drugs can again cause gynecomastia to come back.


Implants can be placed in any area where there is a non-moving contour defect, such as the buttocks, biceps, breasts, calves, face, pectorals, penis and triceps. They can enhance body contours, increase volume and create balance and symmetry.

What is involved:

An incision is made at the site and a silicone implant is inserted either above

orbelow the muscle. Surgery takes 1-3 hours and is usually performed under general anaesthetic on an outpatient basis.

Side effects:
Temporary discomfort, tightness of tissues, swelling, bruising and temporary nerve numbness or tingling.

Movement of the implant, infection, bleeding, hypertrophic or keloid scarring. If implants become infected they would most likely need to be removed, and then re-inserted once the tissues have healed.

Recovery and downtime:
Swelling and bruising may last for several days. Work can usually be resumed after 4-7 days but exercise not for 4-6 weeks.

The outcome:
Results are location-specific and are designed to realign the body through a subtle increase in volume to targeted areas. While most implants are used to create balance, custom implants can be made to recreate symmetry for patients who have had previous surgery, injury or disease.

How long it lasts:
Results are permanent.